GR Photography

As part of our service, we attend many organisations events, such as a theatre schools annual show, or a football teams competition, a college graduation or may be a school prom. Most cases these events have taken a long time to organise so not having a photographic memory from the day would be a great shame.

In relation to events involving children or juniors there is a legal restriction on photography of minors which can sometimes make it very difficult to have photos of your children in those memorable events such as a school play. Our photographers have CRB clearence enabling them to take images when such restrictions are in place.

We use the secure, password protected, section of the website to display the images, access to the password is controlled via the organisation. Images are available to purchase and prices do not get inflated due to the restrictions on photography.

If you are a member of any group or organisation and feel you would benefit from a photographer present at a event please contact us, in many cases there is no photography fee to pay, and in some cases a commission is paid to the organisations.

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